Is your school really prepared for BYOD?

Protecting the digital natives Current figures show that children between the ages of 12-15 spend just under 5 hours per day using devices to watch content, interact on social networking…

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Welcome Joskos’ New and Improved Website

Joskos Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. The updated site includes improvements to the structure and easier navigation. A whole host of other changes…

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Office 365 or Google Suite – Which Cloud solution best fits your school?

Cloud computing is fast becoming an essential tool for budget savvy schools looking to stay ahead of the curve. As the demand for greater innovation and flexibility continues to grow,…

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How much is ransomware costing your school?

Schools lose an average of £1728 for every class effected by ransomware 2017 is shaping up to be the ‘year of ransomware’ with reports of large-scale malware-attacks worldwide regularly making…

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ICT outsourcing for schools

When a school grows through higher pupil enrolment, growing staff or expansion of its facilities, its leaders often have to increase their investment in ICT support in order to meet…

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Managed Print Savings Calculator

How much money is your school wasting on inefficient printing? Find out by using our complementary savings calculator below!

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Laptops, Chromebooks or tablets

When it comes to refreshing your school’s mobile devices (or even purchasing them for the first time), there is a wider range of device types to choose from than ever…

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Online Bullying in your school

In today’s ‘connected’ schools, as technology plays an ever-increasing role in our children’s learning experience, so too grows their exposure to the risks that are found online. In this article,…

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Free network security poster for schools

To keep your school's network hacker-proof and clear of any security threats, we've put together a handy, downloadable poster to serve as a network security checklist for your school's support…

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