Christchurch Primary School – LearnPad Case Study

Christchurch is one of the largest primary schools in London, catering to students between the ages of 3 – 11 years old from a wide variety of backgrounds. The school found that students responded best to dynamic teaching methods and wanted this to extend to ICT. The school’s ICT network manager Lewis Milton asked Joskos for advice on how to incorporate the right kind of technology into the classroom that would both facilitate excellent teaching and meet each student’s individual needs. Through an extensive evaluation process, Lewis and Joskos agreed that the best solution for Christchurch Primary School was LearnPad mobile devices.

Why Learnpad?

LearnPad is 100% designed for education, unlike other tablets which are generally consumer products repurposed for use in school. Each device comes fully loaded with great tools and resources designed for the classroom, along with quick and easy setup and management for teachers. Another timesaver is the LearnPad’s wireless charging functionality which takes away the worry about devices being fully charged in time for class. No more time wasted on cable management or finding out the device you thought you left charging was not plugged in correctly all along.

Time is of the essence for teachers

Keeping in mind teachers’ needs for smooth lesson delivery with minimal preparation time, LearnPad has an online management console that allows them to tailor lessons to their unique teaching style. Each lesson plan generates a unique QR code which students can use in class to access an activity and participate from their mobile devices. This also provides the teachers with a digital attendance list, allowing teachers to track how far each student is to completing the task. “This ensures that students that progress faster than others can still continue and don’t need to wait for the rest of the class to catch up.”Lewis Milton, ICT Network manager at Christchurch Primary School.

Making the change

Thanks to a step-by-step collaborative process between the school, Joskos and LearnPad amazing results were achieved that all parties could feel confident in. Joskos and Christchurch worked very closely together from proposal to implementation resulted in the entire process taking only 3 months. Not only did Joskos facilitate the acquisition of the LearnPads, but also provided training to the staff at Christchurch Primary School to ensure the staff were happy and confident in their use and integration of them into the classroom. Today Joskos continues to provide support to Christchurch primary and Lewis no matter their need – great or small.

“We’ve seen the LearnPads have a big impact in learning at Christchurch. Students have taken a great interest in lessons they once thought were boring.”Lewis Milton, ICT Network Manager at Christchurch Primary School

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Hsis Testimonial

What sets Joskos apart from other service and support organisations is quality, reliability and consistency. Schools can leave the technical support to Joskos and concentrate on improve learning opportunities for the pupils.

Penny Patterson,

Senior Inspector Quality Assurance & Child Protection Adviser

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