Heathcote School and Science College

Heathcote School and Science College – Case Study

Heathcote School and Science College is a fully inclusive mixed comprehensive school in North Chingford – a district of the London Borough of Waltham Forest in East London. Following the departure of the schools’ IT manager, Joskos Solutions was commissioned to solve the network performance issues which were cutting into teaching time.

The Challenge:

Although Joskos was initially brought in to support the school’s own ICT Manager, internal staffing changes meant that Heathcote decided to seek a managed service arrangement instead. Following a competitive tendering process the school agreed that Joskos Solutions was the right choice, with extensive experience of managing schools’ IT whilst also delivering best value for money.

At this point the school was using two separate networks – a curriculum system and an admin system. Both systems were very unstable. Hardware issues were also a challenge for the school. Laptops were not charging adequately, causing them to frequently shut down during lessons. This was impacting learning to the point that they needed to be constantly plugged in. Consequently charging cables were running across classroom floors, which posed a significant health and safety risk.

Joskos’ Solutions:

Zafa – a highly experienced Joskos Network Manager – was brought into the school to help the internal ICT technicians. Since Zafa’s introduction, the school now has one reliable and robust network instead of two, thanks to a restructuring of the original network backbone and reconfiguring the school’s wireless network. By making key changes to the laptops, Joskos was able to significantly increase the battery life, ensure more reliable charging as well as improving the speed and functionality of the laptops through reimaging. At Heathcote’s request, Joskos also provided training and CPD to all school staff to ensure that they were getting the most out of their ICT.

Since he became Heathcote’s Joskos Network Manager, Zafa has introduced a number of other improvements which add to a better teaching and learning environment at the school. He has become a valued member of the staff and enjoys working onsite at Heathcote.

“I love working at the school because it’s a challenge and the staff are really friendly. There’s always something new to do here” – Zafa: Joskos onsite Network Manager.

During his time at Heathcote, Zafa has introduced a digital signage solution in the school’s main reception lobby, as well as implementing managed print services using Impero in the new sixth Form building to help reduce the school’s printing costs. In addition, the Senior Management Team now have access to the school’s network from home as Zafa has introduced remote access to the desktop server.

 “I used to have weekly IT meetings, I don’t anymore because it just works.”– Zoe Cozens: Head Teacher of Heathcote School and Science College.

Since Zafa became Heathcote’s dedicated onsite Network Manager, the feedback from staff has been phenomenal. They feel it has been helpful to be able to handover the school’s ICT problems to a company who understands the IT, has a track record for success and provide excellent staff who can work within the school team.

Beyond Problem Solving:

Joskos and Zafa continue to provide support to Heathcote School and Science College. Thanks to staff like Zafa who understand the technology and have long term ICT visions for the future, we can ensure we provide Heathcote with solution-focused service and cut down on lost lesson time.
“Heathcote is an outstanding example of a school that has removed unnecessary technical obstacles from teaching to enable better outcomes for learners. Joskos’ approach to working with schools such as Heathcote is a total focus on empowering teachers and learners to achieve more. It is evident that this is what is being achieved at Heathcote, where technology has become an enabler in a very short period of time. Knowing that Head Teacher Zoe doesn’t have to worry about IT is exactly what we set out to achieve.” – Nick Madhavji, CEO of Joskos Solutions

What are Zoe’s closing thoughts on Joskos Solutions support and service? “There are no problems only solutions. No patches only fixes.” Zoe Cozens: Head Teacher of Heathcote School and Science College.

We have been working alongside Joskos Solutions since December 2011, and their work has been a major factor in our improved performance and stability of the school network, allowing us to develop the system and keep up to date with recent technologies. I can confidently recommend Joskos Solutions as experts in their field.

Tony Gale,

Network Manager

Eastbury Comprehensive School

Over 78% of Joskos Solution school customers were recommended to Joskos by another school

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