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Free schools

Free schools are all-ability, state-funded schools set up in response to parental demand. They are established and run by charities, universities, businesses, educational groups, religious groups, teachers and groups of parents. The first free schools opened in September 2011, with another 68 opening in 2012.

Free schools have the same legal requirements as academies and enjoy the same freedoms and flexibilities to help them deliver an excellent education, provide genuine parental choice and drive up standards. They must follow the same admissions process as other schools – they cannot select 100% of their students based upon ability, religion etc.

Some Free Schools Joskos are working with:

Free School Logos

How Joskos can support Free Schools

Free Schools tend to open with just one year group and grow over time. They also face some very specific challenges due to the fact that most of them begin their life within buildings that were not originally designed to be schools. We have experience in designing ICT infrastructure for free schools that can grow with the school, ensuring that it provides both excellent value for money and future-proof technologies.

As many Free Schools will also need to move into different premises during their lifetimes, we have designed a series of interface protocols and guidance documents that ensure that all parties involved in the building works are fully aware of the best way to integrate the ICT services into the fabric of the school.

Joskos’ pedigree and future with Free Schools

Every Free School is unique in its culture and educational aspirations.  Joskos has the agility, ability to listen and dedication to always delivering outstanding solutions that will enable us to work with the right Free Schools to enable us to deliver mutual success.

In September 2012, the Joskos team delivered four Free School projects ranging in size and value with outstanding success.  Success is something the Joskos business is focused on delivering for all stakeholders – schools, learners, community, parents and Joskos – all with the long-term picture in mind.

In September 2013, Joskos will deliver more Free School projects as well as expanding the ICT provision in all the existing schools.

ICT services for University Technical Colleges (UCTs)

What are University Technical Colleges?

University Technical Colleges (UTC) are a new concept in education. Sponsored by universities, they offer 14-19 year olds the opportunity to take highly regarded, full time, technically-orientated courses of study which offer clear progression routes into higher education or further learning in work.

UTCs specialise in subjects that require technical and modern equipment, for example, engineering, product design, health sciences, construction, and land and environmental services. Because of their ethos, there is a requirement for a high level of ICT to be incorporated into the design of UTCs.

How Joskos can support UTCs

We have expertise in the design of new school environments and understand that effectively embedded ICT has to be considered at the outset rather than ‘bolted on’ afterwards. This expertise can help UTCs to ensure that ICT is fully integrated into their designs and that it supports their technically-orientated approach to learning. Our links to a wide range of manufacturers, technologists and curriculum experts enables us to offer advice and guidance in selecting the most appropriate ICT tools to meet the needs of UTCs.


We would not hesitate in recommending Joskos Solutions to other schools and school sponsors. They understand the challenges of opening a new school, they ‘get’ education and have worked hard to support our vision, but most important of all, they have listened to us at every step of the way and ensured that they have delivered an outstanding service that fully aligns with our ethos.

Nitesh Gor | Chief Executive - Avanti Schools Trust

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