What are Academies?

Academies are publicly funded independent schools, free from local authority control with the ability to set their own pay and conditions for staff. They are also free from following the National Curriculum and have the ability to change the lengths of their terms and school days.

In May 2010 the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, announced new legislation (The Academies Act 2010) which allows the Secretary of State to approve applications from schools that wish to become Academies. Unlike existing or traditional Academies (established by sponsors from business, faith or voluntary groups working with partners from the local community) no additional external sponsor will be required where a school converts to Academy status.

The new legislation has enabled a wider range of schools to apply for academy status. Schools can now re-design a curriculum fit for 21st century learners and are free to try out innovative ideas and place greater emphasis on the areas that matter to them most.

How Joskos can support Academies

Our experience of supporting schools in adopting new and flexible ways of using ICT within teaching and learning enables us to support the aspirations of new Academies. Whether it is enabling anytime anywhere learning through the provision of robust enterprise-level wireless networks; providing the necessary network security features to enable the successful adoption of a Bring Your Own Device policy; or providing access to a wide range of manufacturers of exciting new technologies to support 21st century learning – Joskos can help.