System migrations

Providing a viable strategy to suit your evolving requirements.

All organisations undergo change as their size and priorities evolve. So it’s not surprising that their network requirements are also constantly shifting. New technologies and bandwidth intensive applications such as internet telephony also have an impact on how networks need to be configured.

Joskos can assist you in migrating to an up-to-date network by providing:

  • Free network analysis and migration recommendation reports
  • Experienced and qualified staff who can communicate without using jargon
  • New software and hardware
  • Networking testing to ensure optimal performance
  • Our team of migration experts will analyse your existing network infrastructure and, after discussing your current and future objectives with youú, outline a viable migration and update strategy.

We are able to manage all aspects of your migration, from the initial consultation to equipment procurement and implementation, while keeping disruption to staff and your operations to a minimum.

To find out more about migrating your network the Joskos way, call our Network Migration team on 0845 37 000 38.