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Online Learning - the Joskos Virtual Learning Centre

The Joskos Virtual Learning Centre is a great learning and communication tool for Joskos candidates. It’s available to tutor-led candidates as well as those that choose to train online.

Once you gain access to the Virtual Learning Centre (VLC) you will be able to view interactive video lessons of your regular study materials. You will also have access to these resources:

Live labs

This is an online tool that allows you to connect remotely to real servers and work on them in the same way that you would do as an IT engineer. As you go through your training, you can practice on these servers and configure them in whatever way you wish. At the end of your session, the server will return to its original state, ready for the next time.

Joskos Forums

This is where students and trainers discuss lessons, exams and any other issues that come up on the way to becoming qualified.

Learner Support

This is a live chat tool that allows you to connect directly to a member of our student support team who will offer you support on your way to becoming certified.

Online reference ebooks

When you get access to the Virtual Learning Centre you also get access to thousands of the latest IT reference books. Our massive database of eBooks is constantly being updated and Joskos candidates enjoy the benefit of this vast online reference library.

For more information on the Virtual Learning Centre please call our consultants on 08000 199 677. Our lines are open 24/7.

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