ICT support for secondary schools

At Joskos Solutions, we provide support to your IT staff for all of your current and new projects

With dedicated and fully-qualified IT professionals on hand, we can provide assistance in helping to move your projects forward in a quick and easy manner.

Joskos Solutions is aware that large projects can stretch your IT department’s resources to the limits. With our support, you can move these projects forward without affecting the day-to-day running of your school.

With Joskos Solutions on hand, you can carry out your projects to a deadline in order to achieve your school’s goals quickly and efficiently.

As a secondary school can create your own support package which might be something like this:

  • A monthly support visit from a senior engineer, who would spend a day on-site to support the servers. The engineer would go through the server logs and clear down the error logs.
  • Everything that the engineer does is recorded in a site report, which details all errors that the servers have recorded, why they occurred and how they have been resolved, together with system-specific details and backups, disk space, updates, etc. The report is very detailed and also provides advice on system upgrades.
  • Engineer support for system upgrades or new installations.
  • Remote support via terminal services or VPN.
  • Unlimited access to the helpdesk.
  • Free emergency visits (speak to your Account Manager for more information).