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The Joskos work-experience programme

The Joskos work-experience programme is a unique, highly beneficial part of our programme. It gives Joskos candidates invaluable, real-life work experience and often allows companies in our employer network to assess candidates for potential job roles.

How will the Joskos Work Experience programme benefit you?

Many job-seekers (especially first-time job-seekers) find themselves in the well-known ‘catch-22’ situation: Employers won’t hire them because of their lack of real-life work experience, and they can’t get work-experience because employers won’t hire them (!). Joskos are able to take our candidates out of this difficult situation through our proven work experience programme.

How does it work?

Once you join the Joskos programme, our Student Liaison team will start working with you getting you a work-experience placement if you want it. This process can start even while you’re studying towards your certifications.

The Student Liaison team may ask you to reach certain milestones or to work on strengthening certain areas to qualify for a work-experience placement. This may include passing a certification exam or strengthening communication skills. You will be called into our offices to work on these areas if needed at no extra cost to you.

There are 2 ways you can get a work-experience placement after joining Joskos:

  1. Through Joskos Solutions. Our sister company Joskos Solutions is an award-winning ICT company that provides a full range of ICT services to the UK’s education sector. This has become an excellent way for our training candidates to get hands-on work-experience through ‘shadowing’ our senior engineers and being assigned real-world tasks either at a client’s site or while on a technical helpdesk. Fact: Around 50% of Joskos Solutions' IT engineers come from our training programme.

  2. Through our employer network. Over the past 15 years, Joskos has built up an extensive network of potential employers that are constantly contacting us with work-experience opportunities for our quality candidates (this means you!). This is often a way for them to evaluate the candidate for a potential job role.

 The work experience phase usually runs between 6-8 weeks, but even before it ends, our Student Liaison team will work with you towards getting a placement into your ideal IT role. For more information about our work-experience programme contact us or simply phone: 020-7424-6969

Some examples of companies in Joskos' work-experience network

work-experience examples