ICT outsourcing for schools

When a school grows through higher pupil enrolment, growing staff or expansion of its facilities, its leaders often have to increase their investment in ICT support in order to meet…

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Managed Print Savings Calculator

How much money is your school wasting on inefficient printing? Find out by using our complementary savings calculator below!

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Online Bullying in your school

In today’s ‘connected’ schools, as technology plays an ever-increasing role in our children’s learning experience, so too grows their exposure to the risks that are found online. In this article,…

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Laptops, Chromebooks or tablets

When it comes to refreshing your school’s mobile devices (or even purchasing them for the first time), there is a wider range of device types to choose from than ever…

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Free network security poster for schools

To keep your school's network hacker-proof and clear of any security threats, we've put together a handy, downloadable poster to serve as a network security checklist for your school's support…

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The Top 4 Technology Issues in Classrooms

In today’s modern schools, effective teaching and learning is becoming increasingly reliant on its ICT assets working properly. With more staff and learners using technology to create, deliver, participate or…

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Office 365 vs. Google for Education

When it comes to school-wide cloud collaboration tools, tech giants Microsoft and Google have created highly appealing propositions in Office 365 and Google Apps for Education respectively. Both solutions are…

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Ransomware and Your School

Imagine this scenario: You arrive at school, fix yourself a nice cuppa and settle into your morning session of getting through emails. With last night’s cobwebs still clearing from your…

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3D printers for schools

Although 3D printing has become an increasingly bigger feature in today's technology landscape, many educators are still unaware of the benefits this technology offers their school. With this in mind,…

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