After January 14th 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7

It’s time to upgrade to Windows 10

After January 14th 2020 devices running the Windows 7 operating system will be more vulnerable to security risks, targeted attacks and virus infections. New software/software updates may not be able to be installed due to lack of support from Microsoft and this will compromise the level of support Joskos is able to provide to your school.

‘We are aware that children and students are vulnerable groups in society and here at Joskos we want to make sure they are able to use technology safely‘.

It is imperative that all devices running Windows 7 are either upgraded (if the device is compatible) to Windows 10 or replaced with new equipment by January 14th 2020. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most up to date operating system and this is what must be installed to replace Windows 7.

Windows 10 is also optimised for use with Cloud Services. Leveraging Cloud Services could save you money, reduce risk and offers great opportunities to work collaboratively. Joskos are experts in supporting schools to make the most of Cloud Services. Why not use the move from Windows 7 to review and understand how Cloud Services could enhance your overall ICT experience.

For more information on Windows 10 and its features click here

If your school is still running Windows 7 please contact your Joskos account manager to discuss options and solutions or click here to contact us directly. This will then be passed onto our dedicated technical pre-sales department to start an auditing process of your existing devices to get you upgraded. Once a quote has been accepted by the school (based on the audit), a customised Windows 10 image will be built, which will be based on the school’s software requirements. This customised image will then be deployed to your devices (this is called imaging).

What is the upgrade/imaging process?
An audit is undertaken of your equipment to establish what/if any equipment is compatible with Windows 10 and to highlight equipment replacement. This will be undertaken by your team leader under supervision of our dedicated technical pre-sales department. The purpose of this is to clarify/identify your exact requirement so we can provide a quotation to you in the quickest, accurate and most efficient way.
After reviewing the audit an agreement will be made on what equipment needs be replaced/upgraded. A quote will then be formalised and sent to the school for approval. Once the quote has been approved we will visit your school, create your new image (as described above) and image your new/existing equipment as per the audit. Your school will then be up to date with the most current Microsoft Operating System – Windows 10.

How long will this take?

This will depend on how many devices you have, the speed of your existing network and your server setup. The audit will determine this information.

When can this be undertaken?

Ideally this would need to be undertaken in the school’s downtime such as holiday periods. This is because we would be working on all your devices in the school and you would not be able to use your devices while they are imaging. If there is no availability outside of term time this still could be undertaken but would cause huge inconvenience due to the network downtime.

Is Licencing Required?

Licencing will be required to activate Windows 10/Microsoft Office and to ensure Microsoft compliance. If the school has a valid Microsoft ESS/OVA agreement Licensing should not be an issue. If this is not the case and licence keys are required, we will add this into your quotation. This will be confirmed as part of the audit process.

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