RM6103 – ICT Services for Education

This Crown Commercial Service’s comprises of 43 established education sector infrastructure suppliers. This is a direct replacement of ICT Services for Education (RM1050) agreement. The agreement provides customers with the capability to obtain ICT goods and or services for their specific needs, whether it is a new build requirement or an ICT refresh.

This framework provides schools with easy access to suppliers, vetted for their ability to meet educational establishments technology needs at competitive prices.

RM3733 – Technology Products 2

Technology Products 2 offers schools access to flexible and compliant suppliers for their technology product needs to shorter timescales.

Featuring a mix of quality suppliers, the agreement is comprised of six Lots: including Hardware, Software and Information Assured Products to name a few/

RM3804 – Technology Services 2

The Technology Services 2 framework is for all public sector customers to use for their technology service needs.

Hillingdon Managed Services Framework

We are one of 5 suppliers on the Hillingdon Managed Service Framework Agreement for the provision of ICT Support and Maintenance and other associated services to Hillingdon Schools.

Lewisham ICT Framework for Education (Life 2014)

Life 2014 Agreement has been established to assist in the provision of educational ICT solutions and specialist ICT goods and services for schools

The framework supports procurement for institutions at different stages of their ICT lifecycle and strategic ICT development including: construction and new build, refurbishment, extension and repurposing of current buildings and more.

G Cloud 9 Framework Agreement

The G-Cloud 9 Framework is part of a government initiative to centralise procurement for public sector organisations to reduce procurement time and provide cost-effective solutions for buyers.

This framework is designed to give public sector organisations access to over 800 compliant suppliers of cloud services within three new lots: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support.

Crescent Purchasing Consortium – Desktop, Hardware and Peripherals Framework

CPC’s framework agreement for the supply of Desktop Hardware and Peripherals provides its members with access to a wide range of ICT equipment and support services from a selected group of suppliers.

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