How to get paid

Where to send invoices?

All invoices should contain Joskos solutions LTD purchase order number and send to We schedule the invoices for payment from the date when we receive the invoices, which may be different from the day stated on the invoice. Upon receipt of the invoice, our finance team will review and raise queries (if any) as soon as possible. Unless you hear from us, please assume that the invoice is going to be paid in accordance with terms and conditions agreed with you.  

Purchase orders

Purchase invoice number is six-digit reference sent by an authorised Joskos representative when we place an order with you. We do not accept invoices without purchase invoice numbers.

Payment run days

Payment is run once a month, two working days before the last working day of the month.

Hsis Testimonial

What sets Joskos apart from other service and support organisations is quality, reliability and consistency. Schools can leave the technical support to Joskos and concentrate on improve learning opportunities for the pupils.

Penny Patterson,

Senior Inspector Quality Assurance & Child Protection Adviser

Havering School Improvement Services

Over 78% of Joskos Solution school customers were recommended to Joskos by another school

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