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Joskos has worked with many Free Schools and UTCs since the start of the programme in 2011.

Joskos’ pedigree and future with Free Schools.

Every Free School and UTC is unique in its culture and educational aspirations. Joskos has the agility, ability to listen and dedication to deliver outstanding solutions that fully support the vision of these new schools.

Joskos has an excellent and proven track record for delivering whole-school ICT solutions within Free Schools and UTCs. Our dedicated technical experts design solutions from the ground up, supporting these schools as they grow to full capacity over a number of years.

In addition, we are mindful of the specific challenges faced by many new schools – for example designing solutions that are easy to move between premises for schools that open within temporary accommodation; solutions that will integrate with existing systems should this be required; and delivering a range of support options that take into account that many new schools simply don’t have the staffing capacity to support their growing IT systems.

Our expertise in the design of new school environments ensured that ICT is fully integrated into their designs. Our links to a wide range of manufacturers, technologists and curriculum experts enables us to offer advice and guidance in selecting the most appropriate ICT tools to meet the needs of new schools and UTCs within this evolving educational landscape to ensure that we are able to provide both excellent value for money and future-proof technologies.

How Joskos can support Free Schools

Free Schools tend to open with just one year group and grow over time. They also face some very specific challenges due to the fact that most of them begin their life within buildings that were not originally designed to be schools. We have experience in designing ICT infrastructure for free schools that can grow with the school, ensuring that it provides both excellent value for money and future-proof technologies.

As many Free Schools will also need to move into different premises during their lifetimes, we have designed a series of interface protocols and guidance documents that ensure that all parties involved in the building works are fully aware of the best way to integrate the ICT services into the fabric of the school.

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Case Study


West London Free School Academy Trust were looking for a partner to deliver ICT within their newest school, Kensington Primary Academy. In addition, they were looking for a partner to provide on the ground support for the ICT across the trust’s existing primary and secondary schools and who could support each school’s IT development plans.

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