Cost-effective and flexible ICT leasing

Is your school looking to refresh your ICT infrastructure but facing budgetary constraints?

You know it’s time to replace your mobile devices and refresh your workstations when:

  • Hard drive space is low or has run out
  • It freezes often (at the most inconvenient of times)
  • You’re unable to connect to new technologies or run new applications

Servers are the ‘heart’ of any school infrastructure, as such, any problems with your server could lead to significant downtime for your school. It is recommended that servers be replaced when they’re approaching end of life (on average 5 years).

Flexible and cost-effective leasing options for your school

We know schools are managing extremely tight budgets disproportionate to their needs. Here at Joskos, we do not believe educational technology should be sacrificed as a result of these financial challenges. Among students, technology is known to drive engagement, increase collaboration, and improve retention; all the while catering to varied learning styles and paces.
The technological landscape is rapidly changing and Joskos want to ensure the latest, cutting-edge technologies are accessible to all schools in order to enhance learning outcomes. We have made this possible by providing schools with operating leasing options, available on infrastructure and client solutions, from a number of the industry’s leading suppliers. Including Dell, which offers transparent 2-3 year leasing options on, desktops, laptops, work stations and servers.

By taking on a lease, schools are able to make smaller more manageable investments in technology and upgrade kit at the end of their lease.

To find out how you can refresh your kit at a fraction of the cost, fill in the form or call 0845 37 000 38 and speak to one of Educational Technology Specialists.

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