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Joskos deploys Managed Print Solutions in schools to help them understand printing trends, lower their costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

A Managed Print Solution (MPS) in a school environment typically consists of a relatively small number of high-capacity Multi Functional Printers (MFPs) that are strategically placed around the school and act as central printing stations.

How a Managed Print Solution can benefit your school:

    • A smaller number of printing devices means a reduction in long-term hardware maintenance and procurement costs.
    • Since MFPs also have scanning and copying capabilities, this further reduces the need for multiple single function devices.
    • Staff and students can print from anywhere in the school by sending documents to printers via the network. They retrieve their print jobs from a ‘virtual queue’ by logging in at any printer using card, pin or biometrics.
    • Modern MFPs boast features such as scan-to email, double-sided printing and rapid scanning of multiple sheets at once. These features help to increase efficiency and lower costs.
    • School administrators have the option to optimise students’ and departmental use of MFPs by implementing printing and copying quotas. Printing and copying habits can then be monitored and managed, enabling schools to reduce unnecessary printing and effectively manage toner and paper supplies.

The combined benefits of a Managed Print Solution can contribute to greener schools by reducing paper consumption and wastage. In addition, schools also enjoy cost savings resulting from a reduction in utilities costs and the cost of consumables.

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