The Joskos Service Desk

  1. How to log a ticket with our Service Desk?
  2. How to report a critical issue with our Service Desk?
  3. Client Portal
  4. Glossary

1. How to log a ticket with our Service Desk?

The quickest and most effective way to log a ticket is via email. This automatically logs your issue and sends a reply with your ticket reference that will be used to resolve your issue.

To log a ticket please use the ICT Support email address – to automatically log a service incident.

Please include the following information in your email:

In the Subject

  • Room number – Issue/Request Name
    • e.g. Classroom 7 – Interactive Flat Panel Not Working

In the Email Body

  • Description of request/issue
    • e.g. “I cannot get my PC to display on the IFP”
  • Location – Room Number
    • e.g. Classroom 7
  • Username related to issue if relevant
  • PC number

Automatic Email Response

You will receive an email confirming that a ticket has been logged.

You will also receive emails updating you regarding any actions or solutions put in place.

If you need to add further information or re-open the ticket please reply to the email you have received from the Service Desk.

2. How to report a critical issue with our Service Desk

If you have an critical issue that requires immediate attention, please call 0207 424 6962 to speak to our team.

Examples of Critical Issues (where teaching and learning is disrupted)

  • Entire network down
  • Multiple teachers cannot log on
  • Can’t log onto SIMS (to take registers)
  • Nobody can access files
  • Nobody can print


  • If there is an alternative computer for a student please move them whilst waiting for a response to ICT Support
  • Consider whether the request is critical (it has an impact on teaching and learning), or whether an email can be sent for a response

3. Client Portal

Client Portal is a feature of our Service Desk which allows you as a Joskos client to:

  1. Log calls online – Your Client Portal enables you to go online and log a call for an issue that you’re experiencing with your network.
  2. Get real time updates – There are times when it will be more convenient for you to log on to get real time updates, and you can use your Client Portal for this.

Client Portal is an alternative to phoning or emailing us, and you may find it more convenient.

4. Glossary

Incident managementAny event which is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes, or may cause, an interruption to, or a reduction in, the quality of service
Change ManagementChange management processes are used when one or more configuration Items (CI) needs to be replaced. Changes are tracked in Self Service.
CMDBConfiguration Management database
CIConfiguration Items (Mostly Hardware)
TasksTasks are outstanding actions from assigned users either from Joskos or the customer
Knowledge baseA centralised place where we store troubleshooting information, articles, white papers, user manuals, knowledge tags, or answers to frequently asked questions
Self serviceA customer interface for logging and receiving updates on open support calls

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