Mawney Primary School

Mawney Primary School

Craig Brown said “When I started with the school in Januray 2007, the school needed massive updating. Every computer was a standalone computer, there was no network and all the hardware and software was out of date. The hardware was pretty good when the school bought it 7 or 8 years ago, but it was time for an upgrade.
I’m going to have a videoconferencing unit installed, and we are also a pilot group for some visualisers as well. It makes things so much more convenient now with the new hardware that we have. The parents have appreciated it, the children love it, and the staff doesn’t know how they would live without it now.”
“We are really pleased with the support we have received from Joskos’ technical staff, it really has been second to none. Joskos’ IT engineers have been great at helping with updating some of our older computers and laptops too, helping them to recognise some of our Smartboards and projectors. They have been very helpful compared to our previous support company, happy to get involved in whatever we need doing. They have often been here from around midday until six o’clock, whereas our old provider would walk in a minute before he had to be there and he’d walk out whether things had been completed or not.” said Chris Knight.
He added, “There are now 16 PCs in the ICT suite and a PC in every classroom all connected to a main server. Now they can load things directly onto the main server and everyone who needs it can have access to it. They all have their own saved area and their own year group folders as well. Everyone can access their work from the class folders as well, which is much easier when it comes to OFSTED wanting to find individual pieces of work. There is a backup system in place which is backed up each week. ”
“We also have 16 wireless laptops which can use any of the software on the network. We have these in a trolley that can be easily wheeled into any of the classrooms that need them. Half the class will use laptops to allow personalised learning while the other children will be doing something else with the class at the same time.” said Craig.
Craig said “Overall, this has made a real difference to our school, and we are constantly looking for further ways to take things forward which we will be continuing to seek Joskos’ help on.”

Craig Brown/Chris Knight - Headteacher/ICT coordinator

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