Parkhill Junior School

Parkhill Junior School

Alison Seagrave, ICT Curriculum Manager of Parkhill Junior School talks about her experience in working with Joskos Solutions

“What I really like about the Managed System that we’ve got, is that I’ve got a Technician who comes to visit me every week, on a set time, on a set day. It’s the same person, so we get a good relationship with that person. They know the school, they know the equipment very well, and they are very efficient.

The network runs really smoothly now, we have no problems at all. It’s given the teachers a huge amount of confidence in actually using the technology because before, if a printer didn’t work, or they were not sure whether or not they were going to get on the Internet, it would cloud their vision of how they can teach with technology. Now it’s a major part of our school. And Yes, Joskos are great.”

Alison Seagrave - ICT Curriculum Manager

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