Wells Primary School

Wells Primary School

What do you think of Joskos engineers?
My experience with Joskos engineers has been very positive. I find them extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They always do their utmost to provide a professional service in a friendly and unintimidating way – some IT people have a way of making you feel a bit silly when you don’t know how to fix or do something.

What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed since Joskos has been supporting your school? 
DOWNTIME! Since Joskos have been providing us with their support service the amount of time any equipment or software is not being used due to faults has reduced dramatically. If problems do occur Joskos is excellent at addressing the issue and correcting it usually within 24 hours. This we find exceptional and has helped encourage staff to use IT as they know if they have problems they will be sorted quickly.

Would you recommend Joskos Solutions to other schools, and why?
Yes! I have and the schools I have recommended have fed back to me that they are just as impressed with the service received.

Why did you choose Joskos as your supplier?
Originally (many years ago!) Joskos were selected from 3 possible suppliers. They came out head and shoulders above the others with an excellent presentation and a friendly and supportive attitude. Nothing we asked for was too much. They helped with the technical side of our installation recommending the types of hardware we might wish to choose, and they explained in plain English the reasons why they were their recommendations.
I have always found Joskos’ service, both support and installation, to be excellent which has allowed us to promote the use of ICT within our setting. Teachers are now willing to take risks in their use of ICT. I believe this to be partly due to the supportive relationship we have with the engineers, which gives staff the confidence to rely on technology more. Prior to Joskos providing our support service, technology within our school was less reliable and not supported – that is not now the case.

Jane Rolfe - the ICT Coordinator

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