Chief Commercial Officer

Hugo Van Eeden

Hugo van Eeden, Joskos Chief Commercial Officer, has dedicated over two decades of his career to serving Educational Organisations as an influential business leader in Technology companies focused exclusively on Education and enhancing the outcomes of Teaching and Learning. He joined Joskos in 2005 and has since played a pivotal role in the company's success.

Hugo Van Eeden

With a strong background in Operations, Hugo has previously served as a Chief Operating Officer, overseeing critical business functions such as HR, Project and Service Delivery, Procurement, Sales, and Marketing. His extensive experience in these areas has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the operational dynamics within the Education sector.

As the Chief Commercial Officer, Hugo brings his deep industry knowledge and strategic expertise to drive the commercial success of Joskos. He is responsible for leading the company's sales, ensuring the delivery of exceptional services to clients, and fostering strong relationships with educational institutions.

Hugo's passion for improving educational outcomes is a driving force behind his commitment to delivering innovative solutions and services tailored to the unique needs of educational organisations. His visionary approach, combined with his operational acumen, enables him to identify opportunities for growth and lead the company towards continued success in the Education technology market.

With his invaluable contributions and dedication to the field, Hugo plays a pivotal role in driving Joskos' mission of transforming education through technology and delivering exceptional value to its clients.

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