Regional Director (North)

Jill Purcell

Meet Jill Purcell, the Regional Director for the Midlands & North. With over 35 years of experience in the education field, Jill brings a wealth of expertise in supporting a diverse range of customers, from individual schools to Trusts and Academies. Jill's extensive background has equipped her with a deep understanding of digital transformation strategies for schools. Her proficiency in guiding educational institutions on their digital journey is complemented by her exceptional people management and leadership skills, which have fostered enduring relationships with clients.

Jill Purcell

Throughout her career, Jill has played a pivotal role in delivering various government programs, including capital build initiatives. Her contributions have been so influential that she even advised No 10 on 1:1 device strategies, highlighting her ability to shape and inform policy decisions.

Building upon her vast experience, Jill has developed trusted relationships with numerous Trusts and Schools, collaborating closely with them as a valued partner. She has successfully led multiple ICT projects, aligning them with key educational objectives and ensuring their seamless implementation.

Jill's passion lies in empowering schools to harness the potential of technology in education, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. Her dedication, combined with her extensive knowledge and proven track record, positions her as a trusted advisor and a driving force behind educational innovation.

Reach out to join Jill on the journey towards transformative education as she continues to deliver exceptional support, foster strong partnerships, and spearhead impactful ICT projects that empower schools to achieve their educational goals.

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Jill Purcell

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