John Sherry

John Sherry is a highly accomplished senior leader with over 30 years of experience in operations and change management on a global scale. Throughout his career, he has successfully delivered numerous operations in challenging and austere environments, demonstrating his ability to thrive under pressure.

John Sherry

With his expertise in aerospace engineering, business, and organisational development, John has worked closely with defense scientists on projects of National Strategic Importance. His knowledge and experience in the field of electronic warfare have been instrumental in driving innovation and achieving remarkable results at Joskos.

John is a qualified teacher and has held senior education positions in the UK and overseas, including a principalship. This background in education has given him a deep understanding of the importance of effective leadership and the impact it has on the development of individuals and organisations.

As Joskos' Chief Operating Officer, John is responsible for delivering technological solutions to education. His vast experience and ability to navigate between disciplines have been pivotal in driving transformational growth and helping organisations adapt to the evolving needs of the industry.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, John is media trained and has a passion for aircraft restoration, fitness, and photography. He brings a well-rounded perspective to his work and is committed to making a positive impact in both the community and the field of education.

Known for his process and quality-driven approach, John has held positions as a Quality System Owner and Senior Information Officer, ensuring that organisations operate at the highest standards of excellence. His attention to detail and commitment to continuous improvement have been key factors in his success with our schools and MATs at Joskos.

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