Programme Manager

Mark Stringer

Mark is a highly-experienced, dynamic, and results-driven professional, with a remarkable track record of delivering successful projects across various sectors, including technology, education, public, and corporate markets. His exceptional project management skills and resource management expertise have enabled him to drive Joskos projects to completion within schedule and budget.

Mark Stringer

With a collaborative approach, Mark actively engages with key stakeholders and his focus at Joskos is on delivering "fit for purpose" solutions, overseeing ICT refreshes, and facilitating business change. He possesses the ability to execute program delivery strategies, envisioning comprehensive roadmaps for project success.

Mark holds PRINCE2 certification and is well-versed in Agile best practices. He applies these methodologies, along with other industry-leading frameworks, tools, and methods, to ensure effective project management and delivery at Joskos. His experience extends to change management, business transformation, service transition, complex project deliveries, ICT infrastructure, desktops, and benefits realisation.

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Mark Stringer

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