Sales Director

Oliver Marshall

Meet Oliver Marshall, a dynamic professional driven by a profound passion for technology and an extensive wealth of expertise in the field. As an invaluable member of Joskos, Oliver brings a unique blend of technical acumen and strategic thinking to his role.

Oliver Marshall

With a solid educational background in computer science, Oliver has honed his understanding of complex technology systems. His insatiable curiosity and commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends have fueled his continuous learning and skill development, ensuring that he remains a trusted authority in the industry.

Throughout his years at Joskos, Oliver has demonstrated exceptional versatility and adaptability, thriving in various positions within Joskos. In his current role as Sales Director, Oliver excels in collaborating with clients to analyse their unique needs and develop tailored solutions. He fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment, encouraging the sharing of ideas and collective success. Oliver's positive attitude, combined with his ability to motivate and inspire others, has resulted in numerous successful projects and happy school customers.

When he's not immersed in the world of technology, Oliver enjoys exploring new hobbies and engaging in outdoor activities. He values work-life balance and believes in cultivating a well-rounded lifestyle that nurtures personal and professional growth.

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