Executive Assistant to CEO

Polina Jacyk

Polina Jacyk is our seasoned Executive Assistant with over five years of experience adeptly handling administrative needs for Nick and the executive management team. Polina's unwavering self-motivation, collaborative spirit, and expertise in implementing operational procedures make her one our most valuable assets.

Polina Jacyk

Polina's trustworthiness is unwavering, and she possesses a remarkable ability to foster collaboration among colleagues, cultivating a productive work culture. Her positive attitude serves as a catalyst for maintaining an encouraging and harmonious environment.

From meticulously managing calendars to coordinating travel arrangements and facilitating seamless meetings, Polina handles all responsibilities like a boss.

In her free time, Polina nurtures her green thumb through gardening. The process of tending to plants, watching them grow, and creating a beautiful outdoor space brings her a sense of tranquility and connection with nature. As a collector of plants, Polina has cultivated a passion for discovering and acquiring a diverse range of flora. She finds joy in expanding her plant collection, learning about different species, and creating a serene environment with their presence. You should give her a Teams call and check out her Teams background :)

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Polina Jacyk

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