Head of Learning, Quality & Continual Improvement

Rosanna Piers

Rosanna Piers is our in-house Head of Learning and Development based in London. With an outstanding track record of transforming L&D functions in businesses across the UK and Australia, Rosanna excels in developmental coaching, leadership, mentoring, training, webinar delivery, workshop development, and eLearning creation.

Rosanna Piers

Rosanna's credentials speak volumes about her commitment to professional growth. Holding master trainer status, a master's degree in coaching psychology, a postgraduate certificate in education, and a certificate IV in training assessment, she is well-equipped to drive impactful learning initiatives.

As a true transformation specialist, Rosanna revolutionises learning and development practices within organisations. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of AI and new technologies, she optimises efficiency by implementing innovative instructional design methodologies and crafting personalised learning experiences. Rosanna's strategic approach extends to leveraging data-driven analytics for continuous improvement, ensuring that learning initiatives align with organisational goals.

Rosanna's unwavering dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning sets her apart. She is passionate about promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing, recognising that these elements are vital for professional development. Drawing from her experience as a former science teacher, Rosanna deeply understands the competing pressures in education and the challenges associated with integrating technology into teaching and learning.

Rosanna is a true visionary in the field of learning and development. With her expertise, strategic mindset, and passion for fostering continuous learning, Rosanna sits at the heart of QCIT at Joskos, nurturing a culture of growth and excellence.

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Rosanna Piers

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