Head of Strategic Partnerships

Tom Singh

Tom's career has been dedicated to the field of Education, where he has played a vital role in supporting schools and multi-academy trusts in their digital transformation strategies for over two decades. With extensive experience in senior commercial, management, and consultancy positions, Tom has successfully led specialist teams and contributed to nationwide government programs aimed at supporting Academies, Multi Academy Trusts, and Free Schools.

Tom Singh

Throughout his professional journey, Tom has held senior roles where he spearheaded the creation of tailored business units, with a strong focus on building 21st-century digital learning environments. His expertise has empowered schools and trusts to embrace technology, revolutionizing their educational practices and enriching the learning experiences of students.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tom has actively served as a trustee of a Multi Academy Trust in the South East. This hands-on experience has provided him with valuable insights into the operational and financial aspects of managing a multi-academy trust, further enhancing his ability to effectively support educational institutions.

Looking ahead, Tom remains unwavering in his dedication to supporting educational institutions on their digital transformation journeys. He envisions a future where technology seamlessly integrates into the learning process, empowering both students and educators to thrive in a digitally enhanced educational landscape.

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Tom Singh

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