Senior Solutions Architect

Sam Petch

Sam has an extensive tenure at Joskos, having worked in various technical roles across the business for over 10 years. Currently, Sam holds the position of being responsible for the technical solution designs of projects, as well as leading the project delivery team. His primary objective is to ensure that techincal projects, regardless of size, are executed seamlessly to support the teaching and learning activities in schools.

Sam Petch

Drawing upon his wealth of experience and expertise, Sam plays a pivotal role in designing effective technical solutions for projects at Joskos. His deep understanding of the educational landscape enables him to create solutions that align with the specific needs of our schools and Trusts.

In addition to solution design, Sam also takes charge of leading the project delivery team. His leadership skills and meticulous approach ensure that our projects are executed smoothly, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. By overseeing the project delivery process, Sam ensures that the implemented solutions effectively support the vision and ethos of our schools.

With his technical acumen, industry knowledge, and dedication to the education sector, Sam contributes significantly to the success of Joskos. His commitment to delivering high-quality technical solutions and his ability to lead a proficient project delivery team makes him one of our superstars when it comes to the Joskos mission of empowering education through technology.

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