Sonny Sharma

Imagine a classroom where technology becomes a catalyst for transformation. Sonny, an experienced educator, embarked on his teaching journey in 1996. From a dedicated classroom teacher, he ascended to the role of Assistant Principal overseeing ICT at the UK's most digitally innovative school.

Sonny Sharma

Since 2011, Sonny's passion for leveraging digital technology in education has propelled him to collaborate with over 33,000 teachers and school staff, both in the UK and worldwide. His expertise lies in empowering educators to unlock the full potential of digital tools. Sonny has partnered with Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) and schools, spearheading impactful digital transformation initiatives. These programs have encompassed a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, AR, VR, coding robots, and Chromebooks.

However, Sonny's vision extends beyond the classroom. As technology evolves, so does his curiosity. In recent years, he has embraced concepts like artificial intelligence and the metaverse, recognising their profound impact on future education.

At Joskos, Sonny serves as a passionate advocate for our Change Leadership approach. He champions the seamless integration of new and emerging technologies into our internal teams and clients' environments. Sonny's role ensures that these advancements are introduced in innovative and manageable ways, guiding organisations toward a future where technology empowers education like never before.

Reach out to Sonny and join him on this transformative journey as he continues to shape the intersection of education and technology, making a lasting impact on the way we can teach and learn.

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Sonny Sharma

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